Former FIFA president is dead
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by Jaggarjnr, Nigeria · Aug 16, 2016 - 16:08
João Havelenge, Brazilian football executive and former FIFA president, has died.

He was 100-year-old.

Havelange was a Brazilian lawyer, businessman, and former athlete who served as the seventh FIFA president, between 1974 and 1998.

He was the second longest-serving FIFA’s president, after Jules Rimet, succeeding Stanley Rous in office.

He received the title of honorary president when leaving office in 1998. However, he resigned the position in April 2013.

He served as a member of the International Olympics Committee(IOC) from 1963 to 2011.

He was also the longest-serving active member upon his resignation.

Havelange was born on May 8, 1916.
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