The Nigerian music industry is filled with cowards - Kizito
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by Jaggarjnr, Nigeria · Aug 18, 2016 - 9:08
The young Afro musicsian  took to his official social media page  revealing his dissapointment  in  Nigerian celebrities  and  their lifestyles.

According to him, music should go beyond  just entertainment  to  correction of the  ills  in the  society.

He wrote:

I have been observing the Nigerian music industry for a while now and it is quite unfortunate that most of the people see as role  models are just cowards hiding under the shadow of fame. Very few of them can stand up for what is right.

Our celebrities have the power to make this country a better place because they have a lot of influence on the youths even more than our political leaders.

A lot of things happen in the streets where most of our celebrities come from, we expect them to carry these messages to the government but that is not always the case, they would rather write songs about them and choose to stay blind on their corrupt practices to get their share of the “National Cake.”

It is not bad to be friends with the government but bring the truth to them sometime. How many of our celebrities for instance have stood up to do songs about the present ills in the society?
It get to me when I hear them aligning their personality with that of Fela and claiming to be following his footsteps.  A lot of them just use Fela as an excuse for consumption of hard drugs which was definitely not what Fela stood for… that's the easiest part they can copy I guess.

I am definitely on my way up and my vision is to make things right through good music.
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